Layton makes the first move -

Layton makes the first move


The NDP has formally asked for an emergency debate on limiting the Prime Minister’s ability to request prorogation. The letter from Jack Layton to Speaker Peter Milliken is here.

Our system is one where the government exists because the Governor General decides it has the support of the House of Commons. It is therefore a fundamental character of our democracy that when a government is appointed, it is to be held directly accountable to the House of Commons. I submit to you that the recent advice of the Prime Minister to the Governor General to prorogue the second session proves we have a Prime Minister who believes the House of Commons should exist at the convenience of his government, and not the other way around. This is a fundamental breach of the Prime Minister’s duty to be accountable to the elected representatives of the Canadian people, and as such constitutes an urgent situation.

The rules and parameters for granting emergency debates are explained as so in the current guide to House of Commons procedure and practice.