Nickname challenge: Guergis & Jaffer -

Nickname challenge: Guergis & Jaffer


The Liberals are attempting to apply the nickname “Bonnie and Clyde” to Conservative couple Helena Guergis and Rahim Jaffer. Decent enough, in that it conveys a sense of lawlessness. Can we top it?

My entry: Screech and Chong.

Winner gets a slap on the wrist and the opportunity to refer, without repercussion, to one of the provinces of our federation as a “sh*thole.”

UPDATE: A nickname is a tricky thing. You’ve got to balance creativity with usability. Jack’s entry – B*tch Sassidy and the Crackdance Kid – gets a 10 for creativity. But would people actually use it? Madeyoulook’s “Huff and Puff” isn’t quite as brilliant, but might be more functional. I also very much liked:

  • Not Stephen Colbert’s DUI Lewis and the Rudes (no chance of it being used, but I’m a sucker for ’80s references);
  • Dot’s Pissed ’n Boots;
  • Sean’s Snooty and the Blowfish;
  • JustinWordswrth’s The Princess and the Plea.

I’m not sure we’ve come up with anything that might actually gain traction, but funny stuff all around.