One of the Best Re-Created TV Intros: "Ricky, Ou La Belle Vie"

It’s been a long time since I posted one of those videos where people re-create the TV openings of their childhood, because, well, there haven’t been many to match the famous Simpsons re-creation. But this one is pretty close to being in that class. It’s four people in (I think) France doing the title sequence of Silver Spoons, which is popular in French-speaking countries under the title “Ricky, Ou La Belle Vie,” and recapturing all the corny poses and clips, even the one with the mustache. Here’s the video:

Update/ Revision: I had the original title sequence in this spot, but this version is better: it places the remake side-by-side with the title sequence they’re spoofing, to show shot-for-shot how they replicated it. Vive la France et ses parodies!

Trivia time: The producers of Silver Spoons, David Duclon, Michael G. Moye and Ron Leavitt, all went on to do Married… With Children after this show ended, as kind of a self-created backlash against the type of show they’d been doing for so long. Also, Moye, who was one of the few African-American showrunners in TV at the time, said that he did Silver Spoons because he’d been typecast as a guy who did black shows, so he decided to make the whitest show ever. I think he succeeded, and he certainly did the show with the whitest theme song.