Osama bin Laden: the evolving account of what happened that night

Scott Feschuk predicts the news


Intense firefight lasting 45 minutes. Bin Laden engaged in said firefight. Used wife as human shield. Wife killed. Bin Laden ultimately shot fatally in head by Navy SEALS in close-quarters gun battle.

 • • •


Pretty intense firefight “throughout the operation.” SEALS faced “heavy fire from [those] in the house.” No human shield – bin Laden’s wife wounded after being shot in leg while lunging at U.S. forces. Bin Laden himself unarmed; shot in head while potentially reaching for a rifle or explosives.

 • • •


“Firefight” consisted of Navy SEALS being shot at by bin Laden courier in the guest house. Courier quickly killed, as was Osama’s brother, whom SEALS “believed was preparing to fire a weapon.” Osama bin Laden shot in head while standing in room where an AK-47 and a pistol were “in arm’s reach.”

 • • •

Next Monday

No bullets fired at U.S. forces, but Navy SEALS pretty certain that bin Laden’s courier shot them a dirty look. U.S. forces engaged no fewer than three of Osama’s lieutenants in point-blank slap fights. In harrowing exchange, SEALS narrowly averted several of their feelings being wounded. Bin Laden shot in head after cheating at Pictionary.

 • • •

Next Thursday

Everyone in compound was gathered in rec room watching The Mentalist. Navy SEALS politely waited until program ended.

 • • •

July, 2012

First Hollywood movie released depicting raid that killed bin Laden. It is rated G.

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