Picking the next Pope: 'March Madness for Catholics'

Aaron Hutchins on those who will bet on anything

Gambling on a papal payoff? It’s just like betting on sports.

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Is it a sin to gamble on who will be the next Pope? Probably. But that didn’t stop a few bookies from taking bets on the next leader of the Catholic Church when the white smoke comes.
Folks in London gambling on who will be the next Pope. @tbo #really http://pic.twitter.com/mU1viAgG9yTODD CHAPPEL
Looking at betting odds on the next pope. There’s something about that which just seems so wrong. #popegambleElliott Binks
Just placed a bet on who is going to be the next pope and what name he will choose. Got pretty good odds too. #AmIgoingtohell?Joe Capalbo
Pope Betting! I’m taking Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi at 16/1 odds. #fwmEvan Sigler
Just bet on the new pope http://pic.twitter.com/K0D5UYd351Emily Lanfear
On Paddypower.com, Canada’s Cardinal Marc Ouellet had his odds sitting at 8-1 as of midnight on Wednesday.
@UnaTheSats Bet on the next Pope – some good odds on these two from your own country! http://twitpic.com/catykl http://twitpic.com/catyqrSteve
#CheltFest tomorrow, but the Papal Elections start then too! Web: http://pdy.pr/0zSYbC Mob: http://pdy.pr/BfYXmw http://pic.twitter.com/GsB6KZAjNbPaddy Power Offers
Away from #Cheltenham, we’ve just taken our biggest bet on the Next Pope market, with a London punter having £1,000 on Peter Turkson at 4/1.Coral
Next Pope betting market. Going In Play http://pic.twitter.com/yStCNFIjR2Tom Bacon
Anyone want to make a wager on who the next pope will be #PopeGamble #CardinalAngeloScolaGrant Wilcox
If you win a bet on who will be the next pope, how much of your winnings are you supposed to tithe to the Catholic Church? #nextpopeKristin Bibee
For avid sports gamblers, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Instead of having just one March Madness pool, they can now have two.
So who wants to bet on the papabile on the next pope? Make it like a march madness pool? #gamblingPaolo Punzal
So there is a March Madness Bracket for the next Pope. It’s called the Sweet Sistine. http://pic.twitter.com/YQWiJzkWJuMatt Fezza
Picking the next Pope is March Madness for CatholicsHEATHER McDONALD
ICYMI: The Vatican’s March Madness. From which bracket will the new Pope emerge? http://nyp.st/VWRcuM via @nypost http://pic.twitter.com/oMiybF7TV9Bien Perez
THIS POPE THING IS LIKE MARCH MADNESS ISN’T ITR http://pic.twitter.com/0gMQchZiLctonytonitone
I wonder, if I "technically" can’t do brackets for March Madness (according to the NCAA) can I do a bracket for picking the pope? #TooFar?Mark Howland
Picking a new Pope isn’t like sport, but that didn’t stop a few Cardinals (from Arizona and St. Louis) from trying to get involved.
It’s official – the puff of black smoke means that the Cardinals have lost their first round draft pick. #pope #vatican #conclaveSteve Meldrum
Suddenly the odds are on an American #pope, can’t think why?! http://pic.twitter.com/N1xbvBUQgyIan Pryce
It’ll be interesting to see who the cardinals draft with the first overall pick in the 2013 Pope draftDylin
Cardinal Conclave to determine the new pope #mlbmemes http://pic.twitter.com/NZ1UHA8bERMLB Memes
If it were like sport, however, the new Pope would be announced like this.
"Drafting" the new Pope… WOW! #mlbmemes http://pic.twitter.com/cpWh19Kzn6MLB Memes