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Quiz: Are you “Elite”


I can’t find a link to this quiz that ran in yesterday’s print Washington Post so I will reproduce it here.

The article, by Charles Murray, a scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, is entitled:

“The tea party is right. The ruling class is out of touch.”

David Frum’s takedown is here.

I took the quiz and got a big, round zero. I confess: I can’t tell a soybean field from a mixed martial art. I am “isolated and ignorant.” How about you?

Quiz Questions:

1. Do you know who Jimmi Johnson is? (The really famous one, not the football coach.) Yes/No

2. Can you identify military ranks by uniform insignias? Yes/No

3. Do you known what MMA and UFC stand for? Yes/No

4. Do you know what Branson, Mo. is famous for? Yes/No

5. Have you attended a meeting of a Kiwanis or Rotary club? Yes/No*

6. Do you know who replaced Bob Barker as host of “The Price is Right?” Yes/No

7. Have you ever lived in a town with fewer than 25,000 people? (During college doesn’t count.) Yes/No

8. Can you named the authors of the “Left Behind” series? Yes/No

9. Do you live in an area where most people lack college degrees? (Gentrifying neighborhoods don’t count.) Yes/No

10. Can you identify a field of soybeans? Yes/No



1. NASCAR driver who won the Sprint Cup Series championship four years in a row.

3. MMA = Mixed Martial Arts and UFC = Ultimate Fighting Championship

4. About 7 million tourists travel to Branson, Mo., each year to visit its 50-plus country-music halls.

6. Drew Carey replaced Bob Barker on the “Price is Right.”

8. Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins are the authors of the Left Behind series.


Yes for 0-2 questions — “You’re sealed in the New Elite bubble.”

Yes for 3-7 questions — “You need to get out more.”

Yes for 8-10 — “It does matter if you went to Yale or live in Georgetown. You’re part of the American mainstream.”


*Disclosure: I did take part in Kiwanis and Rotary Club speech and debate contests in Calgary as a kid. I imagine that doesn’t count.


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