Rocky I or Rocky II?

A vet called Bush :“A president who rushes to stand with troops in front of cameras and then abandons them in Walter Reed”

The band must have read my blog about going on the attack and decided to play the theme from “Rocky”

Madeleine Albright talking about how she won an award in school for reciting in alphabetical order the 51 members of the United Nations. uh, ok.

Then she says, “The Bush-Cheney decision to invade Iraq … distracted from the fight against terror.”

Sen McCain claims to know everything a president needs to know, but the first qualification a president needs to have is the ability to learn.”

“Where democracy is promoted, not imposed.”

No president can be expected to solve every problem, but Sen. Obama has shown he has the toughness to defeat our enemies without alienating our friends.
He “Speaks to our hopes, our belief in ourselves…. The better angels of our nature…”

Now Sen. Evan Bayh – the almost running-mate. I thought there was a good chance it would have been him. Tonight we get to compare and contrast with Biden.

“George Bush took the largest surplus in our nation’s history and turned it into the biggest deficit…
“Do you remember when our brace soldiers were forced to search through garbage to find metal to weld onto their humvees?…. we cannot afford four more years of that.

He’s hammering on the theme that McCain votes with Bush 90% of the time.

It’s okay, but he leaves Biden a lot of room to shine.

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