Shameless plugging in our time

One of the things I’m involved in these days – the other major things being operating a speechwriting business, writing a magazine column and nurturing an online poker addiction – is a relatively new venture called Public Voice. You can find it here at PublicVoice.tv.

Basically my role is to be the Interviewer who sits down and asks questions of various Thinkers, a differentiation I strive to preserve by going for hours at a time without having a thought of my own. Think of me as a cue card, but without the charisma.

Anyhoo, give it a look if you’re a) interested in probing the fundamental social and political policy questions of our time, or b) bored. It’s very much a project in its infancy. There are plans afoot to make it more timely, dynamic, interesting and other things that are good. That said, I’d be happy to pass along any feedback to the big brains and big wallets behind it.

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