Snowmablizzardgeddonpocalypse! -



Not to make light of the inconvenience and unpleasantness of a snow storm, but still, on days like this, you sometimes can’t help dragging out that old favourite Simpsons clip:

Digression. That clip may be the perfect 15-second summary of a distinctive trend in Simpsons episodes run by David Mirkin (seasons 5 and 6, and a handful in seasons 7 and 9): while the show has always made fun of media sensationalism, Mirkin really hated it and made it practically his number-one target. One of the best episodes of his tenure, season 6’s “Homer: Badman,” was pitched by Greg Daniels as a story about Lisa being torn between her feminist impulses and the urge to defend her father, but wound up being steered by Mirkin into an epic satire of the modern news media – which, I think probably worked better than the more emotional story would have.

Digression over. Be careful out there in the snow, and remember, you can blame it all on Ronald McDonald.

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