The day so far: Rob Ford lashes out, apologizes, remains defiant -

The day so far: Rob Ford lashes out, apologizes, remains defiant

Also: The Supreme Court wraps up Senate reform hearings


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The number of former staffers Ford claimed he’d take to court: ex-chief of staff Mark Towhey, ex-special assistant Isaac Ransom, and ex-spokesman George Christopolous.


Rob Ford threatens legal action and then says some lewd things. Warning: the lewd things involve strong language


“I’m happily married. I’ve got more than enough to eat at home.” —Toronto Mayor Rob Ford


Rob Ford: The spectacle continues, without relent. This morning, Ford threatened legal action against ex-staffers and denied allegations he’d ever approached a female ex-staffer about engaging in oral sex. Then, at a lunch-hour press conference, the mayor apologized for the lewd remarks, saying the stress of past days pushed him over the edge. He told reporters that health professionals are helping him through substance-abuse issues. He wouldn’t elaborate on the nature of those issues. If Ford speaks, it’s newsworthy. And every media outlet knows it. Where the story goes from here depends on a few things: ex-staffers’ continued revelations; Ford’s legal action; whatever comes out of Ford’s mouth next. The spectacle is great news for any other public official who, for the time being, want to accomplish something outside of the public eye.

Supreme Court: The court wrapped up three days of hearings related to Senate reform. Paul Wells, writing yesterday, explained today’s proceedings: “Two lawyers in private practice hired by the Supremes to argue any viewpoint they deem pertinent, as a means of ensuring a complete debate, will present their arguments. Then the ermine-clad solons will retire to their corners to write an opinion.” And that’s what happened. Now, we wait a few months, or perhaps longer, to hear what Canada’s top court has to say about changing the Senate’s status quo.