The meaning of Guergis -

The meaning of Guergis


I’m not sure there’s much of anything to be learned from last week’s unpleasantness, but Susan Delacourt sees some significance.

This explains, and I don’t say this lightly, why some people in government have a hard time finding jobs after politics. Employers in the private sector, for the most part,  actually have little use for folks with highly developed skills in haranguing, bullying and intimidating people. The “communications experts” who believe that you can  manage the media with threats, for instance, aren’t so much in demand outside politics.  In short, the methods that some political people use to get their own way here  are not transferable to the private workplace, unless you  have career aspirations in the direction of  pro wrestling.

The sad thing about Guergis’s tantrum is that in Ottawa, it almost looks like business as usual.   Fifty yards away from Parliament Hill, as the old saying goes, it’s a little harder to get away with this nonsense.

Glen Pearson draws lessons too.