The precise moment at which Gordon Brown's fate was sealed

April 4, 2008. London, England. The Progressive Governance conference. A Canadian politician is invited to address the gathering of liberal world leaders and ventures the following quip.

In the 2006 election, the Conservative party won a plurality of seats in the House of Commons and formed a minority government. I do not view this Liberal defeat as an indication that the Liberal Party has ceased to reflect the values and aspirations of a large majority of Canadians. Rather, this defeat demonstrates the fact that it is very difficult for a political party to remain in power longer than ten years. To our UK hosts I want to emphasize that I say it’s difficult, not impossible, even with a change of leader, and even if that leader is your former extremely successful Finance Minister!

The speaker, the jester who felt he was in secure enough of a position to mock the predicament of Mr. Brown… ladies and gentlemen… Stephane Dion.