This Cartoon Actually Existed, Cont.

Another cartoon I remember watching as a kid, though I can’t remember why: the Hanna-Barbera “Pac-Man” cartoon. It was arguably, though not necessarily, better than “Rubik, the Amazing Cube.”

Seeing that intro again makes me wonder: if Saturday morning cartoons still existed, what current-day fads would be turned into cartoons? Obviously, there would have been a Jonas Brothers cartoon where they solve mysteries while traveling around in a conveyance of some sort. (When the Jonas Brothers stopped being popular, it would have been re-tooled as the “Jonas Brothers Miley Cyrus Demi-Wizards Ipod Hour.”) But what else? I’m thinking there should definitely be a Lost cartoon on Saturday mornings by now, where instead of an island everybody is on a magical planet where Grogar, head of the goats, is trying to stop them from finding the mystical papaya tree before he does.