Today in extended metaphors -

Today in extended metaphors


Here is the prepared text for the budget speech Jim Flaherty has just finished delivering in the House of Commons. Below is the metaphorical part.

As I rise in this House today, our nation is at a crossroads. We have passed through some steep and rocky terrain. Much of the territory was uncharted. We were prepared, and we protected ourselves. We are making our way through, and our compass has not failed us. The way forward remains challenging.

Some would urge us to turn at this crossroads. Experience tells us this would eventually lead us backward. We need to keep helping those who need a hand up. We need to stay on course. We can see our destination on the horizon. It is a high point, not only in our nation’s history of increasing prosperity, but also a high point to which the world will look for inspiration. It is a Canada in which our children and grandchildren will surpass us. It is a Canada for which they will be grateful.