Toronto Raptors broadcaster vs. Wale: 'Best Raps moment ever? Perhaps' -

Toronto Raptors broadcaster vs. Wale: ‘Best Raps moment ever? Perhaps’

Aaron Hutchins on what happened courtside when Toronto played the Washington Wizards


Toronto Raptors broadcaster upsets Washington rapper

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Never heard of the rapper Wale (pronounced WAH-lay)? No big deal. Neither have the Toronto Raptors broadcasters, who may have insulted the Washington native Tuesday night. Sitting courtside as his Washington Wizards played in Toronto, Wale was seen verbally jawing with Raptors star Rudy Gay. Then Raptors announcer Matt Devlin added his two cents, admitting he had never heard of the Grammy nominee.
Toronto Raptors Commentators & Rudy Gay Make Fun Of Rapper WalexwEbGG8VxvXcHiOj4ySrug
"I’m sure somebody on twitter could tell me if they’d ever heard of Wale."-raptors announcer.Reggie Flye
lol Wale’s about to get fried on twitter.. "he’s no Drake, that’s for sure." #WizTapeJustin.
Enjoyed hearing @mattdevlinraps and Leo Rautins discuss @drake vs @wale. Showing your age fellas! Haha. #raptorscabbie richards
Wale just got ethered by the Toronto Raptors announcer. Amazing.Randy
I wonder what got him more upset: being called a "local rapper" or saying "he’s no Drake, that’s for sure."There’s no E in Cory
Wale must not have particularly liked being told “he’s no Drake,” as he later went up to confront the broadcast team.
Rapper Artist Wale Confronts Toronto Raptor Commentator Leo Rautins!ao11
We have a situation. Wale unhappy with #Raptors broadcasters. Confronting them at media row. Best Raps moment ever? Perhaps.Ryan Emberley
Some even compared what transpired to a famous NBA player/NBA fan rivalry of the past.
Rudy Gay vs. @Wale is the new Reggie Miller vs. Spike Lee.Carlo Campo
Reggie Miller vs. Spike Lee. Choke. #SportPics Pics
Rudy Gay, however, later suggested he was just playing around.
Me and @Wale was just joking y’all. Thats my boy right there.Rudy Gay
Maclean’s may not be your usual source for news on rappers or basketball, but at least now you’ve heard of Wale.
Wale – The Break Up Song (Full Official Version)djomega609

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