When political junkies tweeted about Canadian football

This is why we can't talk about football on Parliament Hill.

In the quiet few minutes before a quiet Question Period on a quiet Friday, a few political junkies talked about what Ottawa’s prospective CFL franchise should be named. As you can imagine, it was a brilliant conversation full of entirely original material. Enjoy.

When Canadian football fell victim to political jokes

You’d think the Grey Cup apeparing in the House of Commons earlier this week would have subjected the fabled trophy to more jokes from the tweeting political masses. Instead, it was a prospective CFL franchise in Ottawa, still unnamed, that had people mixing football with political satire.

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Colin Horgan, a reporter with iPolitics, was rather indifferent about one potential name, the Highlanders. Indeed, he staked out a claim as Ottawa’s premier football cynic, much to the chagrin, we imagine, of local football great Russ Jackson, who just days before this tweet-a-thon raised the Grey Cup in front of the prime minister.
sure, whatever. it’ll only be temporary, anyway. @CBCOttawa: Highlanders name proposed for Ottawa CFL franchise http://bit.ly/XtKFXlcolin horgan
So started the deluge of proposed alternate names for Ottawa’s next pro sports team. They were entirely unpredictable.
@cfhorgan I am starting to like the Ottawa SinkholesPaul Vieira
Ottawa Moneypits? @paulvieira: @cfhorgan I am starting to like the Ottawa Sinkholescolin horgan
@cfhorgan How about the "Ottawa Omnibus"?Dan Allan
Ottawa Prorogues? RT @danallan89: @cfhorgan How about the "Ottawa Omnibus"?colin horgan
Action! Planners! @cfhorgan: Ottawa Prorogues? RT @danallan89: @cfhorgan How about the "Ottawa Omnibus"?kady o’malley
The Majorities? They are strong and stable. RT @kady: Action! Planners! @cfhorgan: Ottawa Prorogues?colin horgan
@cfhorgan Or, the Ottawa Action Plan!!!!Paul Vieira
Maybe the best joke referenced the beleaguered university team just down the street from Parliament Hill.
@cfhorgan @CBCOttawa since they’ve already had one name that got confused with another team, how about the GG’sdrewski
The CBC’s Kady O’Malley suggested the Ottawa team might consider joining a small group of North American pro franchises with names in the singular—think Utah Jazz, Oklahoma City Thunder, Minnesota Wild, etc.
Or just "Majority"! @cfhorgan: The Majorities? They are strong and stable. RT @kady: Action! Planners! @cfhorgan: Ottawa Prorogues?kady o’malley
@kady @cfhorgan @danallan89 The Ottawa Boondogglers. The Capital City Wastrels.James McLaren
@kady @cfhorgan the baseless smears?Mary Campbell
@kady @cfhorgan How about "The Ottawa Reckless Coalition"?The Pat