Why I Hate Those Kids From the Trix Commercials

Okay, it’s come to my attention that I may need to explain what I mean when I say I hate those kids from the Trix commercials. Not to dwell on it too much (since this would bore those of you who already hate them too), here’s the quick explanation:

1) Every Trix commercial has the Rabbit trying to eat some Trix.

2) In every commercial, a bunch of kids take the cereal away from him and won’t let him eat it, because “Trix are for kids!”

3) The people who made the original commercials in the ’60s apparently thought we’d root for the kids, because they get to have something that’s all their own, and the commercials are selling the idea that Trix was a special sugary treat for kids only, not adults or talking rabbits.

4) But every kid who watched the commercials hated the kids for being so cruel to the rabbit.

Examples of this wanton cruelty, from the ’60s:

The ’70s:

And the ’80s, when they just laugh at his tears:

In the words of another classic commercial that screwed up our minds: “Any questions?”