Winter Games: Photo album No. 4 -

Winter Games: Photo album No. 4

100% Cheryl Bernard-free, unfortunately


This shot is from Whistler. In my final days up there, there was a real surge in the number of animal costumes on the street. There was one promoting a burrito shop. There were a couple sent out by local bars. But the weird thing is that many appeared to have no corporate affiliation whatsoever. I think they were just Whistler residents who had these costumes in the closet and decided, “Screw it, it’s the Olympics. I’m wearing the squirrel today.”

Maclean’s quiz: Which one is Coyne and which one is Wells?

At the Archdiocese of Vancouver, where I stopped to watch a period of the Canada-U.S. hockey game, there was a wall on which visitors were invited to write their prayers. This one, cheering on the local favourite, reminded me of the uncomfortable fact that, all things considered, Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven have had a very poor Winter Games. No golds. No medals of any kind. Guess you lose your advantage when water freezes and we can all walk, skate and curl on it, eh Jesus? See you in London, Buddy.

With the power of hindsight, we can see now that right from the time of their game-day skate, it was obvious the Russians were going to be outmatched by Canada.

“People of Earth: Do not change the channel. I am on all the channels. I control the horizontal. I control the vertical. Obviously, I control the supply of reasonably priced, silk-like fabric.”

This piano, located at the Molson Canadian Hockey House, is signed by the members of the Canadian men’s hockey team. A novel concept, though a bit awkward to hold in your backpack as you wait outside the dressing room.


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