'Would leaving well enough alone really have been a lesser option?'

Adam Radwanski plays Kremlinologist.

In other words, Ablonczy ran afoul of this government’s very tight message control. What’s odd, though, is that there’s been little suggestion that Trost did likewise – despite the fact that he’s the one who’s helped create a minor brouhaha over an internal matter. Now, it’s possible Trost has been reprimanded behind the scenes. But it’s equally possible, given his extremely low profile before this week, that he was fully authorized to slag Ablonczy in public, in hope of appeasing irritated social conservatives…

It may also, yet again, be about this government being too clever by half. It’s debatable how many of its socially conservative supporters, outside the real diehards, were even aware about the pride funding until this week – and it’s not as though the government is now retroactively revoking it. Meanwhile, any points it scored with social liberals have been squandered too. Truth be told, most of them didn’t know about the funding before this week either; now they mostly have the impression that the Tories regret it.