QP Live: The NDP looks for a target

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

A couple of minutes before Question Period, the NDP usually expends 60 seconds on all-out partisan theatrics. The party tends to pounce during the fifth round of daily members’ statements, just before the Tories unleash a similar assault on the opposition (or, more specifically on most days, Justin Trudeau).

For months, the NDP’s fifth-round assault comprised a disturbing tale of corruption and deceit. Conservatives paid off their own senator, Mike Duffy, before throwing him under the bus, they charged. Conservatives stole the last election by way of unfair robocalls, they insisted. Conservatives plan to steal the next election by rigging the rules in their favour, they lamented.

Plenty of loose ends enabled those daily taunts. The RCMP was digging into ex-Harper chief of staff Nigel Wright’s financial gift to Duffy, and police affidavits alleged juicy wrongdoing. Elections Canada was investigating thousands of complaints of voter fraud in 2011. Pierre Poilievre was stubborn, not to mention robotic, as he defended his electoral reform bill, The Fair Elections Act.

Now, the Mounties have concluded that Wright didn’t break the law. Elections Canada can’t prove widespread electoral fraud in 2011. And Poilievre has introduced 45 amendments to his bill, including several substantial reversals. The NDP would counter that Wright still acted improperly, Elections Canada simply didn’t have the tools to unearth electoral fraud, and the Fair Elections Act requires further amendment.

Those rejoinders, important though they may be, are harder to pack into 60 seconds of compelling theatrics. The opposition needs a target.

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QP Live: The NDP looks for a target

  1. The problem I have with the cons and the robo call scandal is, if you don’t come clean with the public ASAP, you leave suspicion hanging in the wind, and I think its up to anyone and everyone to assume the worst. If your immediately not willing to come clean, and if you feel you have nothing to hide, you run the risk of become guilty by suspicion, and that can be just as bad as being guilty when it comes to public opinion. I am not convinced the cons were not guilty of voter fraud because the RCMP couldn’t get witnesses to come forward because of some sort of suppressive deeds by the con governments lawyers.

  2. I think its time for the media to have a good look under Tom Mulcairs hood. Its seems the media have gotten caught up on all the drama that takes place in the HOC and letting the NDP leader have a free ride from scrutiny. No one has still gotten an answer from tom about how he will abolish the senate. The media are just throwing soft ball questions at him. The media has done the same thing today with Tom as they did in the 2015 election with Jack Layton, and we found out after the true story behind laytons win in the election. It seems the MSM media are out trying too hard to discredit Justin Trudeau, doing the dirty work for the cons.

    • 2011 election ! typo

  3. Oh and yes, the media is making too much out of the fair election act, its only making them(MSM) look as left as tom mulcair.