The Conservative-Socialist coalition

Canadian Press, April 29. The Tories need to stave off defeat in confidence votes until then and are considering ways to secure support from the NDP and Bloc Quebecois on a case-by-case basis … One senior Conservative said there will be plenty of ways for the parties to work together. “We’re hopeful they’d want to work with us. … Maybe cooler heads will prevail,” he said.

John Ivison, April 30. Senior Conservatives say they rate the prospect of an election before next spring’s budget at less than a fifty-fifty possibility, after coming to a nod and a wink understanding with both the NDP and the Bloc.

Stephen Harper, today. “That is absolutely untrue … the Bloc Quebecois stands for the break-up of this country. We will not govern this country in a pact or arrangement with the Bloc Quebecois …I don’t know where that is coming from but there is no contemplation of that, let alone the possibility of that.”

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