Angus Reid


How is the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak? Not bad, say Canadians.

Philippe J. Fournier: A new Angus Reid poll says almost half of Canadians approve of Ottawa’s response—with opinions largely split along party lines

’Liberal support just bleeding all over the place’

A deep dive into recent Angus Reid data shows Liberal support is moving to the Conservatives, NDP and Green parties—a stampede away, rather than a dash toward any particular tent
Shoal Lake

Want common ground on First Nations issues? Start by fixing the water supply

Angus Reid: Deep divisions exposed by a new survey won’t be closed by ’debating political science theories and rehashing past grievances,’ but by solving practical problems with bite-sized policies
Justin Trudeau

New poll suggests the Trudeau Liberals went too far with summer job grant policy

Even staunchly pro-choice respondents find denying job money regardless of how it will be spent is unfair, according to a survey by the Angus Reid Institute

What Canadians really believe: A surprising poll

Religion in Canada isn’t declining nearly as fast as we think. A remarkable new survey finds out what Canadians really believe
Christy Clark

Angus Reid: What went wrong with the polls in British Columbia?

The veteran pollster reviews the lessons of the BC election