Barack Obama

Biden taking his oath at the office of the Secretary of the Senate after his first election to the chamber in 1972. (Bettmann Archive/Getty Images)

Taking stock of those 47 years of Joe Biden that Trump keeps mentioning

The incumbent keeps saying he did more in 47 months. As ever, the factual record differs.

FILE - In this Dec. 5, 2017, file photo, former President Barack Obama address the participants at a summit on climate change in Chicago. Obama made an unannounced appearance at an NBA Cares event during All-Star weekend in his hometown of Chicago with several of the league’s top rookies, second-year players and coaches. The event Friday, Feb. 14, 2020, was for volunteers to fill several backpacks with school supplies, and that work predictably stopped when Obama walked into the room.(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast, File)

Obama to deliver remarks about the protests sparked by the death of George Floyd: Live video

Former president Barack Obama joins leaders in the police reform movement to discuss the recent tragic weeks

Everything you need to know about ‘Obamagate’ but were too smart to ask

Tabatha Southey: There is no Obamagate. Obamagate is so not there that they are soon to add Obamagate to the list of ingredients in an Aero bar. Nature abhors Obamagate.

As Kandahar finds peace, Canada finds its own kind of vindication

Adnan R. Khan returns to Afghanistan’s formerly fraught southern region, where lessons from Canada’s failed mission more than a decade ago are inspiring America’s next steps

When it comes to the Queen and Donald Trump, the facts still matter

No, the Queen did not ‘brooch-troll’ the U.S. President—a reminder that people across the political spectrum are all too eager to not let facts get in the way of a good story

Justin Trudeau’s swing set: Which world leader had the best playground?

Photo Gallery: Comparing the playgrounds of JFK and Obama with the Canadian Prime Minister’s latest purchase

‘Change’ or just more of the same? It’s campaign slogan déjà vu.

QUIZ: The Ontario NDP is offering ‘change for the better’. They’re not the first. Match these campaign taglines to the leader and election.

Former U.S. ambassador to Russia on Putin: ‘He thinks we’re out to get him’

Q&A: Barack Obama’s Russian envoy Michael McFaul on Putin’s mentality, human rights at home, and why he thinks Putin knew about WikiLeaks’ email release

If a century’s worth of presidents were in a schoolyard fight, who would win?

Joe Biden and Donald Trump have traded childish barbs, as if in a schoolyard fight. The logical next step: A bracket that pits U.S. presidents against each other. Vote now

Letterman, Obama and the important fights we should be having now

Scott Gilmore looks at David Letterman’s do-over moment and asks: Will I eventually realize there were important fights I should have joined, but didn’t?

Trump’s economy looks just like Obama’s, except for one important thing

As Trump marks his first year in office, he’s made America’s economy the same again—the same as Obama’s, that is.

Joe Biden: Hope, unchanged

Paul Wells on the launch of the former vice president’s ‘American Promise Tour’—an exercise in grieving and the start of a presidential run