My career as a lawyer almost destroyed me

The hustle culture of litigation led me into a spiral of mental illness and addiction
McClintic Assault 20120912

The McClintic case: What’s the place for public fury in our justice system?

The case of Terri-Lynne McClintic sparked an angry backlash, and raises a key question: why do we punish offenders, for their sake or our own?
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The legal trials of emoji: when does an eggplant equal harassment?

Courts are increasingly called upon to decide guilt or innocence based on winky faces, peaches and plane icons
Marie Henein

Marie Henein, former Ghomeshi laywer, says #MeToo is a ’necessary social awakening’

In an address at the University of Toronto, the polarizing criminal defence lawyer gave her thoughts on the pressures placed on working women
Trump, Jared, Don Jr, Putin

Trump-Russia saga: Decoding legal terms

Angelyn Francis breaks down all the loaded legal terms that have been flying around Washington for months during the investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia.
Police car

The ethics of police using technology to predict future crimes

Using computer models to determine where crime is most likely to occur could reinforce police biases about neighbourhoods with ethnic or racial minorities

We know drunk driving is bad. So what about ... drunk parking?

Sleeping a boozy night off in the car might sound responsible. But it can still lead to criminal charges.

Why adultery remains illegal in 21 states

Deborah L. Rhode takes a fascinating look at archaic adultery laws
Eric Hill

The new faces of law school in Canada

The LPP, an alternative to traditional articling, attracts students who don’t fit the traditional mould
Kelowna Law Courts

What happens when a lawyer drops the F-bomb

From 2014: A B.C. lawyer’s courthouse curse leads to a disciplinary hearing and a landmark ruling