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The letter "d" on a "danger" sign at Major's Hill park advising people to stay away from the cliff edge is painted over, leaving the word "anger", seen in front of Parliament Hill in Ottawa, on Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021. (Photograph by Justin Tang)

How to make an entire country furious

Shannon Proudfoot: Canadians were fed up even before the pandemic. That election didn’t help.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau waves as he arrives to deliver his victory speech after snap parliamentary elections at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Quebec, early on September 21, 2021. - Canadians returned Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to power on September 20 in hotly contested elections against a rookie conservative leader, according to projections by television networks. (Andrej Ivanov/AFP/Getty Images)

What Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have promised Canadians in their new mandate

After calling a snap election halfway through his term, Trudeau has managed to clinch another minority government
(Paul Chiasson/CP)

Friendly or cold? Careless or practical? What voters see in the federal parties

Innovative Research asked Canadians which human attributes describe the major parties. It’s a revealing look at what each does well—or needs to do better.
A large group of detainees are seen sitting on the ground in Hong Kong, China, 27 May 2020. Beijing plans to impose a national security law on the city banning sedition, secession and subversion through a method that could bypass Hong Kong's legislature. (Miguel Candela/EPA/CP)

Canada’s left have failed Hong Kong

Cherie Wong and Jody Chan: While the Liberal government ignores the nuances in the Chinese community fabric, we have also been abandoned by the New Democratic Party and the Greens over petty partisanship

Here are all of Justin Trudeau’s promises in federal election 2019

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won re-election—and now lead a minority government. Here’s what they have planned—and what their opposition wants, too

The unfulfilled promise of Jane Philpott

After enduring a loss, Jane Philpott wanted to be brave. If not for herself, for the young women who looked up to her.

Justin Trudeau’s post-election speech: Full transcript

‘Liberals know, like all Canadians know, that it is always possible to do better.’ Read the Liberal leader’s full speech.

Why I should have voted for same-sex marriage

Rodger Cuzner: In 2004, I voted against same-sex marriage. After 19 years in parliament, that vote is the one I’d take back.
Hasan Minhaj hosts Patriot Act (Netflix)

Why the Liberals and Netflix don’t mix

Andrew MacDougall: The Liberals leaned in on Justin Trudeau’s appearance on the ’Patriot Act.’ But what was supposed to be a push for ’celebrity cool’ turned into one glorious disaster.

How Jeremy Broadhurst plans to get Trudeau re-elected (with help from Gerry Butts)

Jeremy Broadhurst is a Liberal lifer­ tasked with making sure the Prime Minister gets a second term. Or maybe that’s Gerry Butts.