Scott Moe

Steve Balog, at his home in Saskatoon, recently learned that Premiere Scott Moe was the person responsible for killing his mother in a car accident in 1997 after twice being charged for DUI’s previously. (Photograph by Nayan Sthankiya)

Saskatchewan’s sobering election campaign

An otherwise predictable race shone harsh light on the province’s longstanding impaired-driving problem
Moe speaks to a crowd of supporters last Friday during ‘The Big Honkin’ Rally for a Strong Saskatchewan' event in Saskatoon. (Kayle Neis/CP)

’A big honkin’ win:’ Six takeaways from the Saskatchewan election

Canada has a new one-party province, the NDP’s struggles go on and other results of voting day on the Prairie
Doug Ford, Blaine Higgs, Scott Moe, Robert McLeod, Jason Kenney, Robert McLeod,

National leadership, in cowboy hats

Paul Wells: Jason Kenney’s idea here is to storm Saskatoon with a firm set of plans. Against the distracted mush most premiers usually bring to their summer meetings, it’ll be harder to resist.
Liberal Caucus

Carbon tax ruling is a modest win for Trudeau—but after a string of losses, whatever works

The Saskatchewan court decision puts the Liberals on better campaign footing at a time when they’re visibly wobbling

A carbon tax? Just try them.

Powerful conservative leaders from across the country are suddenly united against Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax plan. And they’re spoiling for a fight.
Scott Moe

The Saskatchewan Party’s history with the issue of equalization isn’t all that equal

Opinion: Scott Moe isn’t going to win, either in Saskatchewan or with the feds, on equalization—and his own party’s history has already proven that
Sask Trudeau Pipeline 20180515

The Trudeau Liberals’ fast one on equalization: Not so fast

Paul Wells: In the latest federal-provincial tangle over equalization, accusations are flying. Let’s check the Trudeau government fine print.
Ontario Premier Candidate Doug Ford Attends Campaign Events Ahead Of Election

The Ontario PCs got their majority. Have they also been cursed?

Jen Gerson: If Doug Ford performs well Ontario will thrive. But rule by Ford is a high-risk, high-reward strategy that could haunt the PC party.
Sask Trudeau 20180309

Politicians who learn from their mistakes can make Canada better

Our editorial: Scott Moe and Wab Kinew, two Prairie party leaders, have both publicly dealt with personal errors. But an honest effort to improve goes a long way.
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Saskatchewan is launching a court reference that just might kill the carbon tax

Scott Moe, the province’s unassuming premier, sets out to fulfill the conservative dream to vanquishing Trudeau’s carbon-pricing plan. But what if he fails?