Sergei Magnitsky


Vladimir Putin’s war against truth, justice and Sergei Magnitsky

Marcus Kolga: Canadian advocates for Magnitsky legislation have become victims of Russian government propagandists
Nataliya Magnitskaya

Sergei Magnitsky’s heroic sacrifice: The Power of One, episode two

The latest episode of The Power of One, a Maclean’s podcast, tells the story of the brilliant tax lawyer who died defending rule of law in Vladimir Putin’s Russia
Vigil for Khashoggi at Saudi Consulate in Istanbul

By failing to apply Magnitsky sanctions, Canada fails the memory of Jamal Khashoggi

Opinion: Canada’s implementation of Magnitsky laws, which would punish foreign human-rights abusers, is falling behind—meaning dissidents and journalists remain at risk
Russian President Putin attends a news conference with Turkish PM Erdogan in Moscow’s Kremlin

’Creating a cost for Putin’

The employer of a tax auditor murdered in Russian custody on Putin, his enablers, and how the world should treat them
Vladimir Putin

Hitting Russia’s ’crooks and abusers’ where it hurts — in Canada

Russian politician urges House to pass private member’s bill