The al-Hawl camp, where ‘Amira’ was found, was built during the Gulf War to house 20,000 displaced persons; it currently holds more than 70,000 (Delil Souleiman/AFP/Getty Images)

Bring them home

The rescue of the orphan ‘Amira’ has raised pressure on Ottawa to take back other children of Canadians who fought in Syria for ISIS—and to prosecute the fighters here
A Turkish military convoy parks near the town of Batabu on the highway linking Idlib to the Syrian border crossing with Turkey, on March 2, 2020 (Aaref Watad/AFP/Getty Images)

A NATO ally is hurtling toward crisis. Should we care?

Adnan R. Khan: After its flirtations with Russia, Turkey now faces a foreign policy disaster in Syria. Can anything be done to save it?

A ’safe zone’ in Syria was a lie

Adnan R. Khan: Turkey vowed to rid northern Syria of terrorists and create a ’safe zone’ for refugees. Instead, terrorists have taken over.

ISIS is dead. But it’s not gone.

Adnan R. Khan: Travelling across northern Syria, the ghosts of the world’s most violent terrorist organization are everywhere. The war is far from over.

How Assad’s man got a priceless antiquity out of Canada and into Syria

Terry Glavin: The man Ottawa deemed unfit to be honorary consul is being celebrated in Damascus for ’repatriating’ a 5th century Byzantine mosaic to Bashar’s blood-drenched regime

These Syrian refugees became Canadians. Just in time to vote.

A small but growing number of the Syrian refugees who have resettled in Canada will be able to vote in this election. It’s a big moment when back home, an election was basically a “theatre act.”

Chrystia Freeland revokes status of controversial Syrian consul

The foreign minister has ordered a review after approval of honorary consul embarrasses the Liberals and upsets many in Canada’s Syrian community

Why did the Trudeau government approve Bashar al-Assad’s man in Montreal?

An unapologetic supporter of Assad’s regime has been named Syria’s honorary consul—to the dismay of many Syrians in Canada familiar with him

The world has turned on Syrian refugees

Adnan R. Khan: It’s been four years since three-year-old Alan Kurdi died. Since then, borders have slammed shut and promises have been broken.

Life amidst the ISIS insurgency

Adnan R. Khan reports from Syria where normalcy is slowly returning after ISIS, but fear lingers. ‘People say they are everywhere, hiding and waiting.’