The Ballad of Hi I Wanna Have an Election: videoblogging the writ drop, a day late

An Inkless videoblog

[wpvideo lGkbLjfH]

Here’s another Inkless videoblog. Data pipeline constraints and my fundamental ineptitude kept you from seeing it until now. Also you’ll note there’s no voice-over. I was going to have one, and oddly it was going to use the cadence of Longfellow’s epic poem The Song of Hiawatha, for no good reason at all. So over the opening scenes you’d have heard my voice saying:

Near the steel antenna forest
By the doors of Rideau Hall
Past the tents of chatting pundits rode the eager Stephen Harper
Was he nervous as he entered? Might the GG say ‘No way?’
But Coyne’s counsel was forgotten. ‘You want an election? Be my guest!’

See? It’s even edited to fit the words. But I decided the whole idea was lame. So this is mostly a silent videoblog, with scrum excerpts. Enjoy. I fully expect to get better at this as we go along.

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