The Year Ahead: Our Guide To 2024

Our annual look at what’s coming your way this year

This realtor created a Tinder for property co-ownership

“You shouldn’t meet someone online once and jump into a purchase, any more than you would go on one Tinder date and agree to get married”

My students are using ChatGPT to write papers and exams—and I support it

“It made no sense to ban ChatGPT within the university. It was already being used by 100 million people.”

Year Ahead

The Year Ahead: Our Guide To 2023

The people, places, events and ideas that will define the year ahead

Technology blurs the line between white- and blue-collar work

IN A MODERN AUTO PLANT, robots are everywhere. People? Not as much. Even if thousands are employed there, they may be hard to spot on the assembly line. “You walk through and you say, ‘Where are they? They’re not putting the cars together. They must be somewhere else,’ ” says David Santi, dean of the Marshall School of Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship at Ontario’s Mohawk College.

The first NFT Mosquera minted, “Patterns Unfolding,” fetched over $8,000.

When will the NFT bubble burst?

NFTs are great for artists, but is blockchain really the future of art?

Woman with virtual reality headset sitting by wall at home (Westend61/Eugenio Marongiu/Getty Images)

The makers of the metaverse want you to give up on reality

Silicon Valley is promising a digital world within our world. But logging in to the metaverse won’t solve our issues.

From left: The author at around age 10; as a baby; with her boyfriend last summer at a booth in NYC; with her mother in August 1997 (Courtesy of Tatum Dooley)

As photo booths disappear, the pictures they gave us are ever more precious

Photo booths had a unique ability to capture some of our silliest and most intimate moments, leaving us with a precious record of time

Far-fetched tales of woe are falling victim to new technologies, as insurers learn how to better fight insurance fraud (Mikkel William/Getty Images; Photo illustration by Drew Maynard)

Trying to lie to your insurance company? Your car will betray you.

Car tech is exposing the nose-stretchers told by drivers trying to scam their insurers

At a Formula E race in Berlin, Germany, a technician loads dry ice into an electric car to cool its batteries during a pit stop (Felix Clay/eyevine/Redux)

Formula E—the all-electric circuit race—is back and quiet as ever

The first Vancouver E-Prix will take place in False Creek over Canada Day weekend 2022

(Illustration by Laurène Boglio)

With ‘aerohaptics,’ holograms can feel real to the touch

The 3D images are a popular Victorian mirror trick, but researchers at the University of Glasgow are elevating the technology that brought Tupac Shakur to life onstage in 2012

The new $10-billion James Webb Space Telescope; as the private sector funds routine spaceflight, space agencies can ‘push the frontiers’ (Courtesy of Desiree Stover/NASA)

Space exploration is about more than launching billionaires into orbit

The eye-rolling at the obvious PR stunt of sending William Shatner to space hides a growing antipathy towards space exploration—but we’ve forgotten how much humanity benefitted from it