Program Rankings 2017

CCNB Students

Program Rankings 2017: How Maclean’s picks the top schools

Maclean’s ranks universities in 10 program areas including business, engineering, medicine, nursing and computer science

Students beware: Not all co-op programs are created equal

Get a jump on the job market by enrolling in a co-op program, but do your research first

GPRC has Canada’s only authorized program for Harley-Davidsons

There’s nothing like a 15-week technician certificate program, like the Harley-Davidson course at GPRC, to rev your engine

If you have a sense of adventure and enjoy food, you can be a ship’s cook

A galley can be a tough workplace, but there’s money to be made

Falconry, glass-blowing, and other unusual trades 

They’re not regulated or even that well-known, but these jobs all require apprenticeships to learn the tricks of the trade

Food-systems planners are playing a growing role in municipal policy

Municipal governments are recognizing they need to bridge the gap between city-dwellers and food sources

Interest in public service jobs has increased since Trudeau’s election

Why would you want to do that? Because job demand is outstripping supply and, hey, there’s stability.

Learning to design gadgets for outer space opens doors to other fields

A program that teaches students how to design instruments for outer space is a launching pad to many other careers, too

Young Canadians are bringing wearable tech to video games and ERs

Wearable tech companies in Canada are going far beyond fitness bracelets in the race to own the market

McMaster University is converting heat from pizza ovens to electricity

A McMaster project captures wasted heat that escapes from commercial ovens and converts it to electricity

New breed of entrepreneurial profs teaches students to learn by doing

Forget the business-school lecture. These profs learn by doing and encourage their students to do the same.