An RCAF helicopter surveys the scene after rainstorms lashed British Columbia, triggering landslides and floods, shutting highways, in Abbottsford, B.C., Nov. 21, 2021. (Jennifer Gauthier, pool/CP)

Canada’s economy won’t prosper without climate change investments

Opinion: The B.C. floods remind us of the consequences of ignoring the need for investment into infrastructure

Jane Philpott listens to an address at the B.C. Assembly of First Nations in Vancouver Sept. 19, 2019. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)

Money won’t fix our health care

Jane Philpott: Politicians won’t move the needle on health care policy if they’re punished for it in the polls. Time to look elsewhere.

‘In response to this tragedy we are redoubling our efforts’

Letters to the editor, Oct. 29, 2019: Readers weigh in on the controversy surrounding Fiera Foods, the end of a long federal campaign and a domestic violence crisis

Go vote. The entire election may depend on you.

The chance to influence the direction of our country, its policies and the person who leads us is an empowering opportunity

Our Western silence is stupid

Shannon Gormley: By now we know the costs borne by Hong Kong protesters include hammer blows to the head, bullets to the shoulder and pepper spray to the face

A mother’s goodbye to her pilot son: ‘Everything that matters has been said’

Rachel Wallace-Oberle watches her son pack a U-Haul and leave for a new job as a pilot far away

Donald Trump made an offer that Ukraine couldn’t refuse

Tabatha Southey: Some have compared the U.S. president’s conversation with Volodymyr Zelensky to a mob shakedown. But is that fair to mobsters?

Enough with the phone shaming. Wireless freedom for all!

Tabatha Southey: Ideas and news are pumped into our conversations, by our phones, where they can be discussed and debated, and are as welcome as oxygen in an excellent, comfortable, but closed room

Election 2019: Let the games begin—and may the odds be ever in your favour

Tabatha Southey: Between the Greens’ ‘own-goaling,’ the NDP being short of good enough, the Conservatives wanting to erase Andrew Scheer’s 2005, and the Liberals’ knack at keeping SNC in the news—here’s how each party stands at the opening of election season

Dear sister: ‘Your life was often hard, but you made it beautiful’

Before You Go: Janine Longy thanks her sibling Marguerite Marie Jeanne for never letting family dramas destroy their love

A letter to a ‘Grumpy’ grandfather: ‘When you leave us you will be so terribly missed’

Before You Go: Madelaine Sumner watches her 90-year-old grandfather build a bird feeder for a hospital garden. It’s one of many acts that prove he doesn’t live up to his nickname.

Every child left behind: How education cuts fuel inequality

Sarmishta Subramanian: The solution to inequality is making public systems the best they can be. Why is the Ford government doing the complete opposite?