Catherine McIntyre


Is Doug Ford’s position on cannabis sales an opportunity for the NDP?

The Ontario PC leader’s pro-privatization plank on weed sales is there for the New Democrats’ picking
Doug Ford
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Is Doug Ford’s victory a ’lifeline to Wynne’s Liberals’?

The plain-talking, folksy new PC leader will appeal to growing populist leanings, but he may also struggle to win over key urban Ontario voters
Doug Ford

Is Doug Ford the populist hero Canadians are looking for?

If Ford can take over the PC party on March 10, his promise to fight for the little guy could well propel him to a Trump-like victory in Ontario
Justin Trudeau
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Why women’s economic equality is lagging under Trudeau

For a government that claims to be feminist, it has barely moved the dial on childcare, pay equity and better jobs for women, says a new report
Kirstine Stewart
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Kirstine Stewart on the limits of “leaning in”

As the former head of the CBC and Twitter Canada embarks on new role, she says it’s time for business to adapt to women’s needs—not the other way around

Physician, teach thyself: Medicine at McMaster

McMaster’s future doctors learn in a way that emulates clinical practices—by working independently
University of Calgary

Bioinformatics at the University of Calgary: The healthy crunch of data

In the University of Calgary’s bioinformatics program, students combine health and computer sciences

McMaster’s engineering degree, served with a side of business savvy

Students learn everything from a standard engineering degree, plus economics, communications and more

On-the-ground study with Acadia University’s environmental science

As part of this program, undergraduates have an opportunity to do fieldwork with significance
(Photograph by Heshmat Saberi)

Why do men make more money than women?

The pay equity gap has been researched and debated for decades, with little real progress to show for it. But the reckoning may finally be here.