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What if the Toronto-Waterloo corridor really becomes the next Silicon Valley?

Uber, Microsoft and Intel are the latest tech heavyweights to invest and expand in the Toronto-Waterloo corridor—but buzzy names alone won’t make the region the next big thing

Why social media has taken over your life—and you need to sign off now

Jaron Lanier says social media is turning us into highly manipulable addicts. The only solution is for users to pay—and own their own data.
Amazon logistics center FDUS2 in Rheinberg, Germany

Happy Amazon Prime Day! Amazon is holding our cities hostage.

Opinion: Amid the deals and shiny products, the tech industry has hurt social mobility and workers’ rights—and yet politicians are too eager to prostrate themselves for these companies
Navdeep Bains

Navdeep Bains and the Silicon Plant People from Saskatchewan

Paul Wells on the announcement of the winners of the Liberals’ supercluster initiative—supercluster?—and why it’s probably a good thing
Donald Trump at Snap-On Tools in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Snubbed by Trump, Silicon Valley talent is looking to Canada

Skilled high-tech visa workers in the U.S., wary of Trump’s anti-immigration stance, are looking elsewhere—and Canada’s tech companies see opportunity
Justin Trudeau;

Why ’sucking up’ to foreign tech companies is a good idea

Canada can boost its tech sector by attracting the Googles and Facebooks of the world, says Lars Leckie, a Canadian venture capitalist in Silicon Valley

Does satire always need to be progressive?

’Silicon Valley’ is being slammed for not tackling the tech industry’s real-world problems. But must it?

Watching the Canadian GDP

April 30: And wondering if the U.S. GDP is as weak as it seems. Plus, oil company profit flops, and Silicon Valley’s furry doppelgängers
Demonstrators block the path of a Google commuter bus to Mountain View, in San Francisco

What silicon valley really teaches us

Silicon Valley, once hailed as a model for the U.S. economy, has become a target for protests over taxes and income inequality
China Apple

Maybe software patents can be fixed

The United States Patent and Trademark Office extends an olive branch to the tech community